Business divisions

Soil/Groundwater remediation, Mine reclamation, Technical diagnosis, Waste and water treatment, Marine environment, Production of environmental products

Research center

Basic and applied research in environment fields, Technology development and transfer, Participation in government-supported projects

Treatment plants

Contaminated soil treatment center – 1st treatment plant in Yangju, 2nd treatment plant in Seosan

Business sector

Ecophile business performance

Export and operation of Microbial cultivation laboratory equipment (Kuwait)

■ Export and operation of Microbial cultivation laboratory equipment (2013)

  • GC/MS & GC/FID measurement
  • ICP/MS measurement
  • Retort measurement
  • Soxhlet measurement (Establish method of EPA 9071B )
  • Particle size distribution analysis technique training
  • Microbial cultivation training


Support for oil-degrading microbial production line construction

  • Hand down methods of Strain management, Culture of strains and Production
  • Training on new oil-degrading microbial selection and seperation method

Odor Stabilization Project of unsanitary landfill in Dongguan City, Guangdong, China

■ Summary

  • Signed a contract with Guangdong Hongik Air-conditioner Investment Co., Ltd. for ‘Stimulation of odor stabilization project in Dongguan, China, unsanitary landfill’ (06.2016)
  • Signed MOU for mutual cooperation partnership for stabilization of landfill sites and contaminated soil remediation projects in Huangnan District (Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Haenam) (06.2016)
  • Oligopolistic contract for 39 Changping Ping Jin in Dongguan City, 150 Stations in Dongguan City subsequent stabilization project of landfill and Contaminated soil remediation technology consulting (03.2017)


Feasibility study of soil remediation project in ○○ chemical plant, Chongqing city China

■ Summery

  • Project Name: Feasibility study of Soil Remediation Project in ○○ Chemical Plant, Chongqing City, China
  • Period: [Feasibility Study] 2015.06. ~ 2016. 04. / [Remediation business] scheduled for the second half of 2017
  • Business method: PPP (Public Private Partnership) method


Field survey

Pollution Status

  • Contaminated area : 281,000㎡
  • Amount of Contaminated soil : 2,495,000㎥
  • Contamination Depth: Surface to G.L. (-) 20.0 m
  • Contaminants: Hexavalent chromium(Cr6+)
  • Treatment Goal : Hexavalent chromium < 34.8 mg/kg
  • Treatment: Stabilization

Major pollution pathways


Collecting contaminated soil samples


■  Soil particle size Analysis


Pollutant leaching test (Aqua regia Extraction method)

Application Method Test – Electrokinetic

Application Method Test – Soil Washing

Application Method Test – Physical Soil Washing


Application Method Test – Solidification / Stabilization

  • Stabilization tests are carried out in combination of 20 kinds of stabilizers each, or 2 to 3 types
  • Confirmation of concentration reduction of hexavalent chromium (Cr6 +) in 5 experimental groups
    Initial 2,200mg/kg ▶ 1~20mg/kg



■  Evaluating the stability of reducing agent over soil pH and reaction time (trivalent chromium ▶hexavalent chromium reoxidition)

  • Evaluation of stabilization of reducing agent

  • In each of the 4 experimental groups, each pH solution is reoxidized with hexavalent chromium ▶ Not applicable on site

About 15 ~ 25 mg / L hexavalent chromium in each pH solution, 200 ~ 500mg / kg hexavalent chromium in the soil sample is re-detected

It was confirmed that it was re-oxidized by the passage of time and the change of soil pH and was not stable.

  • In one experiment, stabilization is not the only reversion after stabilization.

→ Satisfaction with target concentration 0.5 to 2 mg / L in solution, 5 to 13 mg / kg in soil sample

Successful acquisition of stabilizer and design factor optimized for the target site contaminated soil

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