Waste/Water Treatment/Marine Environment

Marine environment division

  • Holds five patented microorganisms for remediation of oil contamination (technology transfer to the Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute), and new technologies
  • Realizing the conservation of marine environment through microorganism agents for remediation of oil contamination

Waste division

  • Ecophile actively engages in removing any odors and hazardous gases through the maintenance and restoration of unsanitary landfills, stabilization of landfill sites and biofilters and takes the lead in recycling resources by developing technology for reusing selected soil through combination of landfarming and electrokinetic technology as contaminated soil restoration technology. In addition, the company contributes to reducing odors by applying natural deodorant to landfill sites.

Water quality environment division

  • Characteristics of U/F system

    – Continuous safety of treated water, reduction of maintenance cost, minimization of site area, excellent responsiveness to BOD load fluctuation, reduction of sludge treatment cost and no odors

  • Characteristics of MBR

    – Addressing problems in the existing process (microbial settleability), continuous acquisition of stable water quality, minimization of maintenance cost by easy maintenance and drug injection and minimization of site area (half of biological process)