2015August Registered as a specialized construction business (ferroconcrete, water supply and drainage facilities)
February Registered as a technical diagnosis specialized institution
2014August Registered a specialized construction license (earthwork, boring/grouting)
July Registered a specialized mine reclamation business license (polluted water quality improvement, soil recovery and remediation, prevention of tailing loss of mineral residue)
June M&A with Samyun E&C
2013July Designated as an excellent environmental industrial company by Ministry of Environment
June Registered as a soil assessment institution
February Green technology certificate No. GT-13-00029
2012October Established joint venture with Kuwait NCC
July Received a prize for 7th Korea Construction Environment Technology Awards / Commendation by Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute Director
February Signed an MOU for cooperation by small, mid and large-sized companies to pioneer the environmental market in the Middle East
2011October Acquired the qualification to participate in bidding for soil remediation outsourcing by Kuwait Oil company (KOC, Category 58) for the first time among SMEs in Korea / Selected as GBD project leader by Ministry of Environment
September Signed a contract as a company for KOSDAQ IPO
April Acquired a green specialized company certificate / Citation by Minister of Environment
2010December Green technology certificate
October Citation by Small and Medium Business Administration Director for venture companies in 2010
January Completed Seosan Soil Remediation Center (2nd plant), Signed an MOU with Kuwait Univ.
2009August Registered an overseas construction license
February Registered a groundwater remediation license
2008November Signed an NDA for joint research and technology export of biological remediation technology (Company D, Hong Kong)
October Acquired a new environmental technology (Soil cultivation and remediation technology with the mixed use of weathering products and decomposer microorganisms)
July Opened Seoul Office
July Approval for marine pollution materials/drugs (Bio-No.001, Korea Coast Guard)
2007October Completed 1st plant (Yangju Treatment Plant)
February Acquired a new environmental technology (heavy metal polluted soil remediation technology through using pulse power electrokinetic technology)
2006December Received a citation by National Institute of Environmental Research Director
October Registered a water quality preventive facility business license
June Received a citation by Minister of Environment
May Selected as a technological innovative SME (INNO-BIZ)
2005September Registered a soil remediation business license
September Selected as an excellent procurement product by Public Procurement Service for the first time in Korea (oil-degrading microorganism)
June Selected as an excellent environmental company designated by Korea Environment Industry Association (soil sector)
March Certificate for a new domestic technology (NEP, oil degrading microbe)
2004June Registered as a CCK company for the Eighth United States Army
June Acquired ISO 9001/14001
2001February Certified an R&D Center
2000December Certified as a venture company
March Established Ecophile Co., Ltd.