Contaminated Soil Remediation

Soil Remediation Process

1. Site Investigation

2. Basic Remediation Design

Analysis on physicochemical characteristics of contaminated soil in the field
Selection of soil medial method by contaminants
Contaminants Heavy metals Oil PesticidesContent of fine soil particles (paddy soil, etc.)
Low concentrationHigh concentration
Soil washing△/×
Electrokinetics ○/△
Washing + Electrokinetics
Stabilization / Solidification △/×
Thermal desorption △/×△/×

3. Feasibility Study

Soil Washing
Electrokinetics (Electrodynamics)
Stabilization / Solidification
Thermal desorption

4. Pilot Test(Option)

5. Detailed Implementation Design for Soil Remediation

-Meteorological data
-Groundwater level
-Maximum wind speed
-Rainfall/Snowfall volume
-Geological data
-Additional investigation
-Establishment of basic remedial design
-Selection of soil remediation method
-Analysis for results of feasibility study test (FS test)
-Remedial facilities design
-Remedial process design
-Civil work design (excavation design)
-Calculation for total project cost
-Preparation of design manual

6. Field Application