Possessed Technology

Heavy metal-polluted soil remediation technology in combination with washing and electrokinetic technology

(New environmental technology No. 195, Green technology No. GT-15-00115)

Technical features
  • Removing impurities in heavy metal-polluted soil through the primary selection process
  • Conducting primary treatment by soil washing for the entire contaminated soil where impurities are removed ▶ Limitation of removing heavy metals in fine soil
  • Eliminating heavy metal materials in fine soil and clay by using electrodynamic purification technology
Types of heavy metals present (Tessier 5-stage extraction)

Application to the site for the contaminated soil remediation project (zone 1) at the (former) Janghang Refinery Purchasing Zone (October 2012 – June 2015, Korea Environment Corporation)

Chronic oil-polluted soil remediation technology by using oil-degrading microbe

(New environmental technology No. 261, Green technology No. GT-13-00029)

Maximizing the oil-degrading ability and excellent correlation with indigenous microbes as a combination method with a new concept by using hydrocarbon intake mechanism of various types of oil-degrading microbes