Contaminated Groundwater Remediation

Remediation of groundwater contamination

Ecophile identifies the types of pollutants and current status of pollutant distribution in the groundwater of oil and heavy metal-contaminated soil and predicts the flow of groundwater and spread of pollutants through modeling analysis to present scientific and safe remedial measures, while being responsible for the management and conservation of groundwater systems with various methods along with soil recovery.

Groundwater contamination assessment

Ecophile conducts investigations for observation wells in a region with concern over groundwater contamination and its neighboring areas, estimates a range of contamination and evaluates the level of harmfulness by contamination and source of pollutants. Based on evaluation results, the company induces the installation of additional facilities to prevent leakage of pollutants to groundwater and changing of the means of transport, storage and treatment method, minimizes contamination and establishes measures for potential pollutants.

  • Collecting materials for neighboring areas of observation wells exceeding the water quality standard, conducting hydrogeological investigations, geophysical investigations and soil investigations
  • Estimating a rough range of contamination based on investigation results
  • Installing additional observation wells for the estimated range of contamination and conducting pollutant and hydrogeological investigations
  • Preparing hydrographs and analyzing hydrogeological features and groundwater flow characteristics
  • Estimating a range of contamination/concentration of contamination/total quantity of pollutants
  • Presenting materials on the current status of facilities causing groundwater contamination
  • Evaluating causes and route of contamination based on materials of the current status of facilities causing groundwater contamination and range/concentration of contamination