Competency / Competitiveness

Most important element in soil/groundwater remediation technology

· Soil remediation technology has different possibilities to apply physical/chemical/bioremediation depending on types of pollutant sources (heavy metals, oil, agricultural pesticides, etc.), condition of pollutant sources in soil and soil characteristics (quantity of clay, etc.).

· Soil remediation technology can be classified into bioremediation, soil washing, electrokinetics, thermal desorption and stabilization technology. These technologies are also separated into hundreds of specific treatment technologies.

· Accordingly, the fact that a soil remediation company has a specific treatment technology does not necessarily mean that the company has the ability to address a large number of different types of soil contamination.

· Therefore, dealing with soil pollution in various forms requires extensive experience to directly apply numerous remediation technologies to actual sites.

· In addition, as various problems occur in actual soil remediation, the level of knowhow of a company to address various problems directly and acquire on-site experience serves as the most important competitive factor for soil remediation companies.

Ecophile has addressed more than 160 cases of various on-site problems and has amassed over 300 kinds of on-site treatment results.

· Ecophile has a wide range of experiences and results in which all applicable treatment technologies to various soil pollution sites are optimized and applied according to characteristics of actual sites.

· Ecophile has been able to attain such experiences and results due to the characteristics of the polluted soil treatment market in Korea; few overseas competitors have such experience with applying various technologies.

As its greatest competitive advantage, Ecophile has the capability of selecting the optimal remediation technology for any polluted soil based on extensive on-site experience and has the ability to operate and manage the remediation process economically.