Research Center

  • 2001 – Established Ecophile Research Center
  • Major researchers are composed of environmental experts in various studies, research centers and industries.
Major industry
  • Basic and applied research in the environmental sector
  • Implementation of research, development and technical service, Transferring of technology to government/companies/other research institutes
  • Issuance of publications, holding academic conferences, lectures and training courses
  • Managing government-supported projects and research expenses, etc.

List of Equipment

ClassificationItem Model Use
Microorganism culture and analysis equipmentShaking incubatorHK-Msi 1200Microorganism culture
Large-sized incubator HK-IB 1280Microorganism culture
Large-sized incubator RM-0301Microorganism culture
FrementorKF-2L, -5L, -80L, -1tonMicroorganism culture
Air PumpDB-60LMicroorganism culture
Cold ChamberHK-CLCMicroorganism culture
RefrigeratorSR 361A 외Microorganism culture
Clean BenchVS-1400LS 외Sterile tissue
MicroscopeL3000HMicroorganism observation
Digital camera (for a microscope)Coolpix990 AM423Microorganism observation
Automatic distillerC-DIS1Manufacture of distilled water
Driven StirrerMS-3060Liquid agitation
Heat wind agitator 400LProduction of liquid agent
Grinder 200KgProduction of solid agent
Automatic sieveProduction of solid agent
Sealing machinePackage
Physical/Chemical analysis equipmentGC/FIDVarian 3900GC
(with Autosampler)
TPH analysis
Purge & TrapVarianBTEX analysis
GC/MSHP5973TPH analysis
PetroFLAGDEXSILHydrocarbon analysis
TLC/FIDlatroscan MK65Oil component analysis
PIDMultiRAE IRVOC measurement
SpectrophotometerPrim LightTN/TP and absorbance analysis
CONSORT nvC535PH, water temperature, electric conductivity, DO, salinity and oxidation-reduction potential measurement
Underground water level measurement deviceSolinstUnderground water level measurement
Pretreatment equipmentUltra Sonic Cleaner5510Sample desorption and extraction
Dry OvenDrying
Rotary EvaporatorN-1WSSolvent concentration
Fume HoodHK-FH-1500, etc.Solvent control
BallanceBL-220H, etc.Reagent
Hot Plate StirrerMSH-I, etc. Liquid agitation
Stirrer VortexerMS-200, etc., 250VM, etc.Liquid agitation
Speed Blender7010SSample mixing, desorption
CentrifugeVS-6000CFNSample concentration
Sampling and remediation equipmentGeoprobeInflow rotation/impact type Soil sample extraction
ManualprobeImpact type Soil sample extraction
Water sampler Water quality sample extraction
Bioslurping equipmentContaminated soil remediation equipment
Ozone generating deviceAT20Water treatment
Power SupplyElectricity supply