Business divisions

Soil/Groundwater remediation, Mine reclamation, Technical diagnosis, Waste and water treatment, Marine environment, Production of environmental products

Research center

Basic and applied research in environment fields, Technology development and transfer, Participation in government-supported projects

Treatment plants

Contaminated soil treatment center – 1st treatment plant in Yangju, 2nd treatment plant in Seosan

Business sector

Ecophile business performance

Application of Soil Vapor Extraction and Bioventing

Application : S-oil / Hyundai Oilbank gas station, military unit, etc.

Total Amount of contaminated soil : 110,815㎥

Treated material: TPH, BTEX, etc.

Option: Multiphase Extraction Well

※ Patent No. 10-0684368: Separation system for separating extractive and extracted components for inspection and restoration of contaminated soil

<MultiPhase Extraction Well>

Soil remediation of Korea National Oil Corporation Yongin branch (Chemical Oxidization)

  • Amount of contaminated soil : 8,370㎥(In-Situ)
  • Contamination Depth: G.L. (-) 6.0 m to 10.0 m
  • Pollutants: TPH, Benzene, Toluene, Xylene
  • Treatment: chemical oxidation, bio slurping, etc.
  • Remediation Targets : TPH < 2,000mg/kg, Benzene < 3.0mg/kg, Toluene < 60mg/kg, Xylene < 45mg/kg

■ In-Situ Bio Slurping


■ In-Situ Chemical Oxidation

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Location and Contact

3F, 21, Mabang-ro 6-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul (Jichang Building)

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