Technical Diagnosis

Technical diagnosis of sewerage/public sewage treatment facilities

Investigation of current statusInvestigation of current statusDiagnosis for measures
  • Investigation and analysis of basic materials
  • Investigation of current status
    • Flow monitoring
    • Water quality investigation
    • Analysis of flow monitoring and water quality investigation results
    • Detailed investigation of sampling area
    • Establishment of problems and improvement measures
    • Preparation of facility maintenance and management measures

    1. Flow Monitoring / Water Quality Analysis

    Flow analysis
    • Simultaneous multi-point investigation by using a mobile flowmeter at the end of a pipe in each sub-basin (measured within a range of about 7-17 days)
    Water quality analysis
    • Extracting a water quality analysis sample based on grab sampling and performing water quality analysis in compliance with the test standards for water quality contamination process
    • Establishing an independent lab for water quality analysis and possessing major water quality analysis experimental devices
    • Analysis items: BOD, COD, SS, T-N, T-P, total E. coli., etc.

    2. Smoke Testing

    Smoke testing
    • Determine whether influent water (rainwater or surface water) is introduced due to the presence of stormwater manholes, gutters, drain pipes, or yard drainage
    • Diagnosis for any failed point by judging whether there is any smoke from a gutter near a drain pipe and connection pipe, boundary stone, faulty manhole, etc.
      → Possible to confirm an inflow point in the drainage facility system and clear verification of any point of failure thanks to simple and swift inspection process

    3. CCTV Inspection

    CCTV inspection
    • Inserting a CCTV crawler into the inside of a pipe → Inspecting overall damage state, including any fracturing, water infiltration, joint state, protruding parts, etc.
    • Analysis and determination by continuous recording and monitoring on a real-time basis → Utilizing results as basic materials for sewage pipe CCTV technical diagnosis
    • Assessing the internal condition of a pipe in accordance with the standard manual on sewer pipe CCTV inspection and determination criteria for remodeling (2011, Ministry of Environment)