Environmental Products

Oil-degrading microbial agents

Product characteristics
  • Possessing various oil-degrading microorganisms such as BTEX, diesel, gas oil, lubricant and crude oil
  • Combination in a new concept using hydrocarbon intake mechanism of various types of oil-degrading microorganisms to maximize the capability of oil degradation and have outstanding correlation with indigenous microbes
  • Remarkable applicability to various polluted areas thanks to excellent correlation with indigenous microbes
  • Outstanding field adaptability even in extreme environments that possess factors such as high temperature, high humidity, acidity and high salinity
  • Improving the removal of pollutants which are chronically absorbed in soil by improving bioavailability through the addition of microbial degradation of oil-weathering products
  • Safe for the ecosystem as products contain materials promoting activation of indigenous microbes and are composed of wild microbes whose population decreases after the oil-degrading process
  • Eco-friendly products produced in the non-emission/non-discharge process
  • No secondary environmental pollution and toxic and hazardous materials
  • Purifying soil, ocean and freshwater polluted by oil spills in an eco-friendly manner
Product composition
MicrobePseudomonas sp./
Yarrowia sp.
Acinetobacter sp.Corynebacterium sp.Sphingomonas sp and other 2 types
Characteristics Microbes with an excellent decomposition power for non-biodegradable materials such as fat, alcohol, dispersion dyes and detergentMicrobe with an excellent decomposition power for organic materials Microbe with excellent oil decomposition power and environmental adaptability Microbe with excellent decomposition power for aromatic compounds
Product series
  • EcoGuard TPH : Kerosene, diesel-contaminated soil
  • EcoGuard WTPH : Weathering oil contaminated soil due to prolonged oil contamination
  • EcoGuard BTEX : Gasoline, kerosene contaminated soil
  • EcoGurad LUB : Lubricant-contaminated soil
  • EcoGuard CRU : Crude oil-contaminated soil
  • EcoGuard OCN : Coastal oil-contaminated soil
Comparison of performance
Application fields
  • Applicable to a wide range of places such as oil-contaminated soil, ocean, workplaces, parking lots, etc.
  • Oil and petrochemical waste treatment plants
  • Hydrocarbon-contained waste landfills
  • Sewage treatment plants near highways